About Us

Hi, I’m Randy! I started collecting antique toys while working as a diesel mechanic in the late 1970’s. I could only afford to buy collectibles that were broken, missing parts or in poor condition – not the mint toys I yearned for. I soon began experimenting with ways to restore these “misfit toys” I had acquired; making parts and painting them to return the toys to their original beauty. I researched techniques used to manufacture these toys trying to duplicate them using makeshift tools and odd procedures. Often I would run across a boxed toy where the box itself needed tender loving care. I began developing ways to restore boxes as well.

Much time was spent in the garage, basement and kitchen of my home which later became inadequate to house all the equipment and supplies necessary to restore items for my collection. I began showing off my restored toys to other collectors who were amazed at the work coming from a truck mechanic. Some of these collectors brought their own broken toys for me to fix, which I gladly accepted to help support the growing enthusiasm I had for this hobby. I soon became overwhelmed with toy repair work and had to quit my mechanics job to better serve the needs of my customers. This was the beginning of Randy’s Toy Shop! This was in 1987.

We have “brought back to life” over 20,000 old toys and their boxes coming up on our 30th year of restoration!

The clutter and noise in our home soon prompted my loving and understanding wife to persuade me (with a wave of a frying pan) to convert our dilapidated chicken coop into a new home for Randy’s Toy Shop. The Building was built entirely new by Myself and some family members! while I worked on toys in the evening and built during the day! when it was completed it was 20’x70′. Soon Craftsmen were hired, methods were updated and new equipment was bought to meet the growing needs of the business. We sold the farm in 1998 and moved from Carmel to the next town North.

In 1998, the operation has moved to historic downtown Noblesville, Indiana – the home of many antique shops including old toys. In 1999 we finished the process of renovating our 1890’s building back to its original beauty and charm. We built a number of display cases for our new retail section. You can see more in our Shop Tour. And be sure to visit us in our Toy Shop if you are in the area.

We are still a small business with only six full time employees, 3 Are Family Members and we aim to give customers the kind of personal care they deserve. One of our Employees studied art at Ball State University and One attended a technical school in Indiana where he acquired training in metals, fabricating, welding, woods and electrical. Another attended Herron School of Art and is also a graduate of I.U. I am a Self Proclaimed “Jack Of All Trades” With Backgrounds in mechanics, welding, electrical, And Music! Mom, who does the shipping and receiving along with clerical and secretarial, is a graduate of Burdett College in Boston. In 2007 She celebrated her 80th birthday. She Walks 2 miles a day in rain or snow! she also does needlepoint and cross stitch of around 15 items a year! You can see more of us in the Shop Tour. We are always happy to serve you.

I travel to many toy shows to buy, sell and keep abreast of the latest trends in toy collecting. We restore toys for dealers, collectors and museums all around the world. We specialize in Japanese, German, and American tin and celluloid from the mid 1800’s to the late 1960’s. We suggest you order one of our catalogs, which has tons of toy parts from some of the more popular collectible toys that are usually in need of repair. If you don’t see what you need in our catalog, contact us. Our craftsmen can make or reproduce any toy part in tin, celluloid, or most other materials.


Thank you and happy hunting!

See our tribute to Larry Ibey, our father.

Randy’s Toy Shop